Personal In-Home Experience

Customized Menu Planning

Love pasta? Hate onions? Not enough garlic?
A Personal Chef Service takes the time to learn your individual needs and preferences. They use this information to create delicious meals personalized to your individual tastes.

Grocery Shopping & Fresh, Quality Ingredients:

Don’t have time to stop at the store and wait in line?
A Personal Chef performs the shopping for you. They purchase the freshest and finest ingredients just before coming to your home and preparing your meals. On your service day, your Personal Chef completes all of the shopping, selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, saving you trips to the grocery store for the coming weeks while you enjoy great tasting meals.

In-Home Meal Preparation

Tired of the hassle in preparing meals everyday?
A Personal Chef comes to your home with everything needed and prepares multiple personalized meals in your kitchen.More free time:

No more do you have to worry about what’s for Dinner. No more shopping, going out, picking up, or preparation of the evening meals. Think of all the extra time you will save by hiring a Personal Chef Service. Time for the other, more important part of your life.

Storage and Cleanup

Dirty sink, pots and pans, greasy stove?
The Personal Chef leaves your kitchen sparkling clean and your home filled with aromas of freshly prepared foods..

No longer just for the rich and famous.

A common misconception is that a Personal Chef Service is only for the wealthy. Anyone who has a need to solve the “What’s for Dinner?” problem can hire a Personal Chef Service. More and more people from all walks-of-life are hiring personal chefs. If you appreciate great food, enjoy personalized service, and want more time in your busy schedule a personal chef service is exactly what you need. People who hire personal chefs include:

  • Busy Professionals
  • Families on the Go
  • Affluent Seniors
  • People with Special Dietary Needs and Restrictions

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