Build Your Team and Have Fun Doing it!

Bring your employees together with a healthy cooking class competition. Your will laugh, work on team stradagies and of course eat eat eat. Call now to find the right corporate team building exercise for your. We also offer non cooking Visionary Motivations Speaking as well. Book as a holiday party or a lunch and learn.  
Why Choose Champion Team Building?

  • Communication-Team building can significantly improve communications among the people in your company. A properly designed and delivered team-building activity will improve the way your people interact in your organization. Skills and techniques are practiced and improved through team building activities and your associates will discover how each department work.
  • Commitment-Commitment to your company and your corporate goals can also improve with team building. When everyone attends a company team building event, company bonding occurs and this commitment strengthens your company. Team building results in everyone pulling in the same direction. Understanding what is important and building a team to accomplish goals, is easier when everyone has experienced exactly how to accomplish it in a team-building session. Cooking brings everyone together as you will get to not only work and compete with each other but also taste each others accomplishment. 
  • Collaboration-You will notice increased collaboration among your departments after an effective team-building session. Barriers to working together will be reduced and obstacles to cooperation will be eliminated. Working together in team-building activities helps your departments to understand what each individual needs from the other members of your company. 
  • Culture-Your employees will have the opportunity to experience and practice your culture during their team building session. Through activities and events, your associates will experience the values of your company and also have the chance to use these values during the team building program.Talking about culture is fine, but actually experiencing it, along with your fellow associates, makes living that culture every day a reality.
  • Culinary Education-Your employes will benefit from learning the skills and techniques to cook more healthy and efficient. We know that with a healthy diet comes a healthy mind and body which in return will enhance your workers performance

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