Synopsis of Cook Like A. Champion TV Series:     Thank you for the opportunity to share my vision and dream with you!  My name is Chef Ace Champion, and I’m the owner and executive producer of Champions Production which produces the TV hit Cook Like A. Champion TV series which I also host. This is a cooking show like no other!  What separates Cook Like A. Champion from other TV cooking shows is my signature Infusion Style of Cooking, combining cultures and flavors from all over the world.

Cook Like A. Champion is now available on over 100 TV broadcasting channels & over 100 online on-demand platforms in over 65 countries!  Our home is Wisconsin with six stations currently broadcasting.  We are on every week in some markets as well as multiple times a week with others. You will find the latest recipes and more. Click Here To Watch Videos

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Chef Ace Champion is bringing a new level of teaching you the real way to cook. Emerge your culinary senses in his upcoming food experience on the hit show “Cook Like A. Champion.” Learn the tricks of the trade in one-on-one detailed cooking classes. Before no time you to will be Cooking Like A. Champion! What you’ll love about Cook Like A. Champion is this master chef’s delectable infusion style of cooking that intricately combines cultures and flavors from allWatch today on over 100 OTT Platforms!

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Cook Like A. Champion

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