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Carnival Cooking

Tap Into Cajun And Creole Cooking This Mardi Gras

A Celebration Of Cajun And Creole Cooking

Chef Ace gets us up to date on his adventures, food items NOT to eat, and a Mac & Cheese recipe that sounds delicious!
Chef Ace updates us on his new studio, cooking shows in the Midwest and some recipe successes and failures as well
Chef Ace on what to cook up when the weather chills, and how he preps meat for all his recipes.
Chef Ace with some great ideas for Mardi Gras parties, what makes something a “Cajun-style” meal and what spices to bring to the table…
Chef Ace helps us cook with beer or wine, updates some events coming up and talks about cooking with his Mom on his TV show!

Local chef to be featured on NBC’s ‘Today’


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