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Ace Champion-A.K.A. "Good Buffalo" is a Ancient Native Tree Flute musician who also plays a variety of over 50 flutes form over 25 countries from around the world like China, Japan, Middle Eastern, Western, Egypt, European, Armenian, Ancient World, Native America and more. Good Buffalo also plays a large variety of  over 15meditation instruments like Steel Handpand, Guitar, Lyre Harp, Harmonica, Djembe, Quartz Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shakers/Rattles, Steal Tongue Drum and more, which can put your mind in a relaxing, meditative state to promote natural detox and full body relaxation. These ancient instruments  tone to 432 hz. Sit/lay, back and feel the vibration & calming, meditative sounds of the Ancient Relaxing Flutes that will relax, inspire and help clear any negative energy from the mind/body. Good Buffalo will be sharing his love and passion directly from his soul through the instrument played. There is no script nor cover just mind, body, and spirt. The sound vibration it creates is connected to certain parts of your body that can promote self-repair on a cellular level. Click Here so see the different flutes and instruments played. 

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Official Video: Southern Chinese Xioa Flute
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Western Classic Clarinet 
Mayan/Aztec Drone Native Flute
Western Bamboo Saxophone
Chinese Xioa Flute & Spanish Acoustic Guitar 
Australian Handpand Drum/Flute
Native American Tree Flute
Japanese Zen Bamboo Shakuhachi Flute
Australian Steel Tongue Hand Pan
Native American Tree Flute
European Pan Flute
Native American Tree Flute
Native American Tree Flute
Egyptian Bamboo Flute
South American Bamboo Flute
Concert @ the historical Tarlton Theatre in Downtown Green Bay
Theme: "Know ThySelf" by Ace Champion A.K.A. "Good Buffalo!

The Tarlton Theatre is proud to present Ace Champion "Good Buffalo" to our historic stage for an intimate sound therapy concert of Ancient Native Flute, handpan drum, and other relaxing sources of sound!
Come celebrate the launch of a new passion for Ace Champion as a meditative flute musician! The concert will be recorded live for an upcoming Good Buffalo music video. Sit back to the relaxing, meditative sounds of various flutes, handpan drum, and other instruments which will relax and inspire.

We also offer Psycho Acoustic Therapy Full Sound Experience for an area of self healing frequencies. We also offer Online Zoom Meditation & Relaxations Full Body Reset Sessions

A Channel to sooth the mind, body & Soul through Payco Acoustic Therapy. This method of medicine has been used for thousands of years and is still used till this day. We tune our instruments to 432 hz which helps promote and stimulate the bodies natural cells to promote self repair.

Instruments Played/Performed by “Good Buffalo” from around the World in over 30 Countries

Wind & Sound Therapy Instruments


1.      Chinese Dizi Bamboo Flute (Side Blown/Transvers) - Region: China - Originated: 7,000 years ago

2.      Chinese Xiao Bamboo Flute (End Blown) - Region: North China - Originated: 206 BC

3.      Chinese Folk Flute (Side Blown/Transvers) – Region: South China – Originated 200 BC

4.      Thailand  Khlu Duck Bamboo Flute (Side Blown/Vertical) – Region: Thailand – Originated 1238-1583 AC

5.      Japanese Kokin Flute (Side Blown/Transvers) – Region: Japan - Originated

6.      Japanese Shinobue Flute (Side-Blown/Transvers) – Region: Japan – Originated: 8th Century

7.      Japanese Zen Meditation Flute (Sid-Blown/Transvers) – Region: Japan – Originated: 8th Century

8.      Indonesian Harmonic Flute (End-Blown) – Regian: Indonesia – Originated: 1930’s

9.      Japanese Shakuhachi Tree Flute (End-Blown) - Region: Japan - Originated: 14th to 15th century

10.   Vietnam Flute

Middle Eastern

11.   Arabian Scale Flute (Side Blown-Transvers) - Region: Middle East-Originated: 5,000 years ago

12.   Egyptian Scale Side Blown Transvers Flute - Region: Middle East- Originated: 5,000 years ago

13.   Egyptian Single Reed Clarinet (End-Blown)  – Region: USA- Originated: 2019

14.   Greece Aeolian Middle Age Flute (Side-Blown/Transvers) – Region: Greece/India/China – Originated: Accident Civilization

15.   Indian Bansuri Flute (Side-Blown/Transvers)  – Region: India – Originated: 2,000 years ago

South America

16.   South America Quena Flute – (End-Blown) – Region: Peruvian/Mexican/Bolivian/Northern Argentine Indians/ Chilean/Ecuadorian – Originated: Over 5000 years ago

17.   South America Quenacho Bamboo Flute (End-Blown) – Region:Peruvian/Mexican/Bolivian/Northern Argentine Indians/ Chilean/Ecuadorian – Originated: Over 5000 years ago

18.   Andes South American Pan Flute (Top-Blown) – Region: Andes - Originated:  2500 BCE

19.   Pueblo Anasazi Flute (End-Blown) – Region:   Originated: 1,500 years ago

20.   Aztec/Mayan/Zapotec Drone Temple Tree Flute (End Blown)- Region:  Accident Mexico - Originated: 200 BCE

21.   Brazil Scale Bamboo Flute (Side Blown/Transverse – Region: Brazil – Originated:

22.   Bolivia Scale Bamboo Flute (Side Blown/Transverse

23.   South America Native Bamboo Flute (End-Blown) - Region: South America - Originated: 900 BC


Western World

24.   Western Concert Silver Flute (Side-Blown Transverse) – Region: Germany – Originated: 1810 AC

25.   Bamboo Saxophone (Vertical-) (Tenor & Alto) – Region: Belgium -  Originated 1850

26.   MauI Xaphone Bamboo Saxophone “Single Reed” (End-Blown) – Region: China – Originated: 1972 - chromatic scale-Tenor Voice

27.   Chalumeau Tree Clarinet-“Single-Reed” - Region: France - Originated: 1700 AC

28.   Clarinet (Single-Reed) – Region: Germany -  Originated: 1700 AC

29.   European Pan Flute (Top-Blown) – Region: Ancient Greece – Originated: 2500 BCE

30.   Arminian Duduk Tree Flute “Double Reed” (End-Blown) - Region: Armenia-Originated: Over 1,500- 3,000 years ago


31.   Crystal Glass Flute (Transverse Side Blown) -  Region: Washington, USA – Originated: 1974 AC

32.   Hawaii Bamboo Flute (Side-Blown/Transverse) - Region:  - Originated:

33.   Native American Tree Flute (Vertical) - Region: North America - Originated: 60,000 years ago

34.   Native American Tree Flute (Vertical) - Region: North America - Originated: 60,000 years ago

35.   Hopi Native Flute (End-Blown – Region: North/South America – Originated: 828-1126 AD


Other Sound Therapy Instruments

v  African Rain Stick - Region: West African - Originated: 16th Century

v  Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl - Region: Mesopotamia - Originated: 5,000 years ago

v  Tibetan Singing Bowl - Region:  Mesopotamia - Originated: 5,000 years ago

v  Harmonica - Region: China  - Originated: 3,000 BC

v  Egg Shakers - Region:  - Originated:

v  Peruvian Shipibo Rattles - Region: Peru - Originated: 10,000 years ago

v  Bird Call - Region:  - Originated:

v  Ace’s Human Voice/Mantras - Region: California/Louisiana - Originated: 1977

v  Australian Digeridoo - Region: Australia  - Originated: 1,000 years ago


·        Hand-Pan Steel Drum - Region: Bern, Switzerland - Originated: 2000

·        Steal Tongue Drum - Region: Africa/Asia/Americas  - Originated: Ancient Civilization

·        African Djembe - Region: West Africa - Originated: 12th Century

·        Turkish Darbuka - Region: Ancient Egypt/Babylon/Sumerian - Originated: 1,100 BC

·        Native American Shaman Drum - Region: Native America - Originated: over 8,000 years

·        Native American Traditional Drum - Region: Native America - Originated: over 8,000 years

·        Cuban Bongo Drums - Region: Afro-Cuba - Originated: 19th Century


·        Bass Acoustic Guitar – Region: Chicago, USA  - Originated: 1950’s

·        Sumerian Lyre Harp (24-string) - Region: Samaria/Ancient Iraq  - Originated: 3200 BCE

·        Moroccan Oud (5-string) – Region: Moroccan – Originated: 1st-3rd Century AD

·        Hawaiian Baritone Ukulele -  (4-sting) - Region: Hawaii - Originated: 1879

·        Chines Erhu (2-string) – Region: China – Originated: 4,000 years ago

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