Media Appearances

Check out the latest appearances of Chef Ace Champion cooing on local tv stations including but not excluding Fox 11 Good Day Wisconsin, Fox 11 The Living with Amy Show, Fox 11 The Better Half, Milwaukee Public Television. Click each video for a full demo of the recipe live. 


Fox 11 (Good Day Wisconsin Videos & Recipes)

Pork Tenderloin with Emily Deem
Apple Pie Pastry with Emily Deem
Cherry Apple Pie with Emily Deem
Blueberry Brie Pastry w Emily Deem

Perfect Omelet with Emily Deem
Choose the right knife w Emily Deem
Knife Sharpening with Emily Deam
Seafood Stuf. Potato with Emily Deem

Fox 11 (The Living with Amy Show)

Mardi Gras with Amy

Other TV Media Experiences 

GP Paper- How to cut an Onion
MPTV Interview with Ace Champion

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