"Know Thyself"

Ace Champion AKA "Good Buffalo" will be touring Northeastern WI, with his relaxing healing music. Good Buffalo plays a variety of meditative relaxing flutes from around the world. You can sit back and submerge yourself in the southing vibrations of mother earth and the winds that blow from his soul. This is an event for all ages as positive frequencies and vibrational can help anyone of any age and and think with cells in the body including animals. If you can not make these mostly free concerts feel free to download the full Album "Know Thyself" and enjoy these vibrations anytime any ware.

There are also may relaxing videos that can stimulate through visuals as well as on a cellar level. YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

Good Buffalo Concert Tour 2023

1.     Feb, Wed. 1st  Performing at 6-8 @Tarleton Theater-Concert in Green Bay, WI

2.     May, Mon. 8th  Performing 6-7 pm @Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Banquet-Free Concert in Green Bay, WI

3.     May, Tues. 16th – Dinner & Show 6-9 pm @3 Bridge Brewing Company-Menominee, MI

4.     May, Sun. 21st Performing at 1:00 p.m. BLACK WALL STREET -Urban Cultural Arts / Art & Event Center Down Town, Green Bay, WI

5.     Jun, Sun. 4th Flute Meditation 6pm @Turtle Island-Green Bay, WI

6.     June, Wed. 21st  Performing at 8 am @Title Town-Green Bay, WI

7.     June, Sat. 24th  Performing @Rocky’s Rocks Annual Festival-Green Bay, WI

8.     June, Sun. 25th Performing at 7 pm Sunset Cruse @Fox River Tours-Green Bay, WI

9.     July, Sat. 1st – Performing from 10-1 & 5:30 – 6:30pm @Oneida Nation/Midwest POW WOW. (open for grand entrée)

10.  July, Sun. 9th  Performing slot: 4:45-515 pm -Free Concert-@Levitt City Music Festival-Down Town Green Bay, WI

11.  July, Sat. 22nd Performing at ?-Free Concert @ Spirt in Song community concert-Green Bay, WI

12.  July, Sun, 30th Preforming from 10-3? Artfest Concert- between 10 and 3 pm Performing Downtown-Green Bay, WI

13.  August 20th Performing at 6:30 pm Sunset Cruse @Fox River Tours

14.  Sept. 24th Performing at 6:30 pm Sunset Cruse @Fox River Tours

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