Drink Like A. Champion

New Beer

Chef Ace Champion from Cook Like A. Champion TV Show has partnered up with Copper State Brewery in downtown Green Bay, WI. The new brew is hand crafted by master brewer and own Jon. Champion likes a smooth and refreshing beer that is not only good to drink but also good to cook with. Check out Champions new beer on tap at Copper State Brewer any day of the week and Drink Like A. Champion. 

Description: Brewed with A. Champion in mind, this beer is smooth and refreshing, with a zesty finish that will leave you thirsting for more. This wheat beer is a member of the clean palate club, and Ace likes to cook with it…sometimes he even puts it in the food. Cook like A. Champion. Drink like A. Champion. (ABV 5.6%) - (IPA Wheat Ale

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